Fidlock - the new generation of fasteners

Fidlock was founded with the aim of developing easy-to-use and trend-setting magnetic-mechanical fasteners in an appealing design that revolutionise even long-established concepts.
Our innovative fastener concepts based on the Fidlock concept offer users a new dimension in terms of functionality, safety and fun. The great ease of use, ergonomic features as well as classy and robust processing convince users straightaway.
In daily use, Fidlock fasteners offer qualities that have never been achieved before: they close automatically and can be opened single-handedly with ease - even when wearing gloves. Users especially appreciate this advantage for sporting activities; it means that they can use the other hand to ensure their own safety. All Fidlock fasteners combine a high level of reliability with the simplest method of opening and closing a fastener.
At present, Fidlock offers product developers and designers a large range of innovative magnetic fasteners in eight product families. This means that they get the right solution for a wide range of application areas and individual design concepts.
Thanks to the large selection of different designs and materials as well as opportunities for individualisation, product designers do not have to make any compromises with Fidlock fasteners. Our fastener concepts are not only based on multiple award-winning, unique technology, they also complement and refine our customers' products with convincing quality features. In this way, innovative product lines or extra added value is created for our customers.
Users are thrilled with the intuitive one-hand operation, design and secure hold of the Fidlock fasteners - no matter whether they are used on top-quality pieces of furniture, bags, rucksacks, helmets or other sport and lifestyle brand items: our fasteners stand for the greatest ease of use, security, fun and function.

Award-winning technology - the Fidlock concept

Our product portfolio is based on one-of-a-kind, patented magnetic-mechanical fastener technology: the Fidlock concept. It combines neodymium magnets that can be slid laterally with stable, mechanical snap functionality. One common, important feature of Fidlock fasteners is that the opening procedure differs from the closing procedure: when closing, the magnets move towards each other as a result of the attractive force and are automatically securely locked when they connect thanks to the mechanical snap functionality, an especially practical procedure that takes place automatically. Depending on the product group or fastener concept, fasteners with the Fidlock concept are opened by sliding laterally, tilting or rotating. Thanks to the Fidlock concept, our innovative fastener concepts combine the advantages of a magnetic and snap fastener in a way that has never been achieved before: strong magnets make them easy to close and secure snap functionality ensures a continuously high locking force.
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